Nightly Live Music!

Mon-Sat: 9:30pm-1:30am
Friday Happy Hour Show: 5pm-8pm
Saturday Happy Hour Show: 5pm-8pm
Sundays: 7pm-11pm

June 2019

Sat, May 1: Whiskey Promise, Sabrina Scarboro, Rachel hall trio
Sun, May 2: The Local Authorities / Radio Dials
Mon, May 3: Ricky wise
Tue, May 4: Todd Miller
Wed, May 5: Sly 45
Thu, May 6: Ricky wise & The Dirty Unit
Fri, May 7: Gavin Elder / The Juneways
Sat, May 8: SoulTet/ the unofficial/ Rev 6
Sun, May 9: Cannonball Run/ Radio Dials

Mon, May 10: Ricky wise
Tue, May 11: Todd Miller
Wed, May 12: Struggle Bus
Thu, May 13: Chang McTang
Fri, May 14: chris Durm / Jordan Gillis
Sat, May 15: Josie b-more & the boys club/ The Juneways/ Ultrasonic
Sun, May 16: Joi Carter / Radio Dials

Mon, May 17: Ricky wise
Tue, May 18: Todd Miller
Wed, May 19: the pips
Thu, May 20: get steady
Fri, May 21: Gavin Elder / Ricky wise & The Dirty Unit
Sat, May 22: Mad Planet / Ben brandt/ Skies in chaos
Sun, May 23: Hot Mess / Radio Dials

Mon, May 24: Ricky wise
Tue, May 25: Todd Miller
Wed, May 26: The Local Authorities
Thu, May 27: Clucker
Fri, May 28: rod Sebastian/ Gavin & Tony Conflict
Sat, May 29: Tommy McGee band / SMSM/ Soundtown
Sun, May 30: Loose Caboose/ Radio Dials